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What is AletID?

AlertID is a program dedicated to helping you protect your family with public safety alerts right to your mobile device. This is a network of public safety resources such as but not limited to weather alerts, crime alerts, missing children, and a sex offender map. Currently 12 million alerts have been sent over the United States, and this network is also global.  AlertID is currently serving 10 other countries.

How can AlertID benefit me?

There are several different alerts that will help you in your daily life.  These alerts come to you quickly to allow you to prepare for what’s at stake. You will have the benefit of communicating with your neighbors about your local concerns and then helping local law enforcement with the information you provide to them, and this has been proven to reduce crime rates. The information comes from trusted sources such as the Director of Public Safety, Chris Perry, and the Director of the Counter Terrorism center, Robert Dorsey.

Who uses AlertID?

As of today, those who use AlertID are using it for the sex offender map in order to locate local registered sex offenders who may be living in their community or close by. It is also being used by those wanting to spread word about what is going on in their community. It allows you to send out information to everyone in your community who is signed up to receive news from you. AlertID has also helped some of the recent tornado victims by sending them a tornado warning that was helpful in alerting them of tornados in their area and allowing them to find shelter.

How do I sign up and use AlertID?

It’s easy and free. Sign up by clicking here and entering your email address. From there you will be asked to enter your location and mobile device if you would like to receive mobile updates. From there you can search the sex offender map and set the alerts you would like to receive and check out what’s going on in your community.

AlertID Signup

What can AlertID do?

AlertID is a networking tool that allows you to send out community news and warn others of suspicious activities and alert the cops. It also has a sex offender map that can be used to locate sex offenders in your area. Other tools it has are weather alerts and public service alerts. Everything you need to stay current on local news.

Why should you choose AlertID?

• Its FREE!
• Always up to date
• Notifies you of newly registered sex offenders
• Has a sex offender map
• Free Weather Alerts
• Public Safety Announcements
• A way to interact with your community
• Get updated crime reports in your area
• Easy to sign up
• And its FREE!

Sign up today to take advantage of everything AlertID offers.

Sex Offender Map