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Sex Offender Map

Sex Offender Map

Do you know who your child’s teacher really is? There may be people in your child’s school with sexual conduct charges and you do not even know it. A small study found that 11 out of 15 cases of where the offenders that worked in the schools were abusers who targeted children. Schools systems do not perform background checks because they rely on previous experiences and references. We must not assume others have out children’s safety in mind. We must take our own action to ensure the safety of our children. Know were the offenders are in your area with our sex offender map.

Sex offenders are repeat offenders, and this is why it is important to know where they are registered. Jeffery L. Gill was indicted on counts of rape, gross sexual imposition, and sexual battery. Despite his family’s plea to be released, he served the full term of one year. He first registered as a sex offender in 2007, and was required to register for the next 15 years. In January 2011 he was again charged with raping an 11-year old girl. That was only four years after. He was still registered and this poor girl’s family could have saved her from an unthinkable act if they knew what lived in their neighborhood.

Sex Offender Map

Dallas Harvell was first convicted in 1982 of indecent liberties with a child. He was then charged again in 1992 for indecent liberties with a child, and also in 2000 on the same charges with a 6-year old, and again in 2007. He was recently caught with his pants down (literally) in the woods with a four year old neighborhood boy engaging in lewd sex acts by a witness nearby. He is now sentenced for 26 years in prison. It is not doubt this man is a repeat offender. What is more shocking is it took four more offenses to really send this guy away. There could have been more acts he was never caught doing. Luckily this four year old was saved by a witness who quickly called police. It is very expense to house these offenders on aver $22,000 a year. We can only rely on the law to do so much. We have to take extra precautions to protect out children by knowing were these offenders are lurking in our communities.

Currently there are 747,408 registered sex offenders in the United States. Only 265,000 are under supervisions be a corrections officer. That is less than half! It is our job to protect our children. These offenders have spent on average 3 1/2 years in jail and when they are released they are 70% likely to commit other crime. There are 10,000 to 20,000 offenders released each year. Sadly these crimes are common. The National Criminal Justice Reference Service reports one in every five girls and one in every seven boys are sexually abused. It is estimated that 27% of the offenders are strangers. Other offenders are people we know such as acquaintances and neighbors.

AlertID’s sex offender map is designed to help identify information about convicted sex offenders. This Information includes their name, address, photographs, and crimes they were convicted on. All states are required to collect and maintain the same information on convicted sex offenders. By law the Department of Public Safety is to mail notification to the community the offender has moved to. You will be shocked when you look at the sex offender map to see how many are in your area. Did you get a letter when they moved in? The sex offender map will send you notification when a registered sex offender moves in your community, and you set the parameter of how many miles from your home to be notified. Alerts are sent to your phone and it is easy to use. Considering moving? Know before you go. The national sex offender registry gives a list of offenders and their address but how are you to know how close they are to your new home. The AlertID sex offender map is a great tool to help with this problem because you can visually see where the offenders are location in relation to your home. More importantly you have peace of mind you are doing everything you can to keep your family safe. Click here to sign up to view AlertID’s sex offender map.

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Most sex offender registries only show the name and address of the sex offender in your area. With AlertID you can view a sex offender map and know exactly where they live and reside. That was you can better protect your children from the unthinkable.

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Sex Offender Map